Artists 2017

Main Gallery - MUSKOKA Gallery of the Arts
Featuring the works of Contemporary Canadian Native Artists

           Big Star Woman (Nango Kwe)

Ferdinand Paibomsai of Birch Island, Manitoulin
Traditional Burl carver and respected Elder.

Atim, Ghost Dog
Artist, storyteller, respected Elder.
Originally from Opasatika River, James Bay.
Raised by his grandparents and learned many magical truths about our land and way of life.
That magic went inside.  Atim became 'Richard' on the outside when he was taken from his home in the bush at age 12.

Little Hummingbird
Brian Marion, prodigy of Norval Morriseau include works from his private collection

Entrance Gallery

Deb Grise                                       Sails Again                 

mcphedesigns                                           Muskoka Stone Pendants         
Prudence Smith