Penny Fleet

To add an international flair to the gallery this year, Penny Fleet, based in rural Hampshire, England, has a selection of cards available for sale at 'Up the Garden Path' in Rosseau.  

Penny trained in Textile Design at Art College in the UK in Brighton and London where she specialised in weaving and woven fabric design.

After working in the textile industry for a number of years in London and Yorkshire, Penny freelanced and trained as a teacher but after having 3 children and doing a variety of part-time jobs she wanted to get back into my own art and design work. She took the plunge, converted her garage into a studio, joined a local art group and began painting in between school runs, dog walks and domestic life.

Penny now works on canvas, paper or MDF board using acrylics, collage and a a variety of materials.  She adds depth and structure to her work by building up layers of collage using papers she has recycled, bought, printed or decorated herself.  She mainly uses acrylic paints, applied with large brushes, rollers or other fairly random tools and when combined with collage and other materials, this often gives interesting and unpredictable results.  Penny collects anything and everything - pictures, photos and any images which might inspire her.

Penny's work is generally inspired by family life and personal interests - her surroundings, her home and garden and enjoyment of the changing patterns and colours of nature , the rustic simplicity of the countryside, beautiful flowers and food, family holidays and the nostalgia of happy times, warm sunny days and a simpler life.

If you are ever travelling through England, a visit to Penny's studio is a must!

+44 (0) 7771 780874

+44 (0)1252 851254